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Does your decal come with a background?

No. The background will be whatever surface you choose to apply your decals on. All of our decals are customized per order, hand crafted and Made in U.S.A.

How do you make your decals?

All of our decals are customized per order and proudly hand crafted and Made in U.S.A

Computerized laser cutters crop out the decals to your dimension specifications before the weeding process readies the design for your smooth surface application. Every Decal comes pre-masked ready to install with instruction paper. We also have video instruction, you can also find helpful tips and video instruction here on our website, Please go to instruction tap at the top.

How long does it take to process an order?

Received orders are worked on immediately and will ship out within one business day

How long does the shipping take?

We ship daily via USPS . If the item weights more than 13oz we ship it PRIORITY USPS with tracking number and normally takes about 3 business days to receive it. If the item weights less than 13 oz we ship it FIRST CLASS USPS with tracking number.

How much is the shipping cost?

 We offer FREE shipping within the U.S.A For international shipping is based on your country.

What material is your vinyl made out of?

chicwalls.com Designs uses the highest quality American Made Vinyl: solid color, matte finish with removable adhesive, interior safe and removable.   All Decals are cut from a color rich vinyl roll & appear as if they have been painted on your walls, in contrast to other sites selling printed ink on a "white sticker". Other Trendy Wall Design competitive differences includes:   Colors that are vibrant and consistent Vinyl containing no ugly print lines Colors that do not fade, rub off, or smear No Volatile Organic Compounds or ink An appearance that is ideal commercially, professionally, or for the home Very easy and clean removal How long will your decals last? chicwalls.com Vinyl decals will last approximately 5-10 years indoor We also have Specialty Vinyl's made for outdoor applications which are used for Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Retail shops,,,, Vinyl Colors We offer our vinyl in over 30 colors. Our color chart is computer generated and might slightly vary depending on your computer, device or screen resolution.

Other than walls, where can I install my vinyl decals?

chicwalls.com Designs will stick to most smooth flat surfaces including finished wood, metal, paint, glass, plastic, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, laptops, mirrors and much more.   Please note, in some cases and due to different decal designs, temperature, humidity, dirty or dusty surface area, textured surfaces, and unclean hands or tools may cause some difficulties with the installation, peeling, or applying your decal(s). Please contact us for any assistance or refer to our video instruction.    

Can I reuse the decals?

Reuse advised for only the following chicwalls.com Designs: polka dots, room stripes, certain rings packs, thick lettering and decals that do not have multiple cuts.      

How do I apply the decal?

Every Decal comes with instruction paper, We also provide you with our courtesy instruction page. We also have installation video here on our website. Simply peel the decals that do not have a transparent masking tape and adhere them in an arrangement of your choice. Our more detailed decals come covered with a transparent masking tape, allowing for easy removal from the base paper and wall or surface placement. Please refer to our instructions page.

Will I be able to remove the decal without damaging my walls?

Yes, removal of the decal will not damage your walls. Grab the edge of the decal and peel it right off. To make it easier to remove, you can use a hair dryer to warm it before removing it.  

Do I get the same exact size, colors and orientation shown in the pictures?

No, Sample sizes shown in our product pictures are only for illustration purpose , All the sizes we offer are listed next to each item. If you need a custom work done please go to Custom Tap and fill out the form or contact us via email: info@chicwalls.com

What if my order is wrong or missing numbers, letters, or parts?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, if for any reason you are not happy with your order please contact us and we'll take every step to make sure your order is right.



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